Teen Gohan in movie 13 of dragon ball z

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Teen Gohan in raging blast 2 is given 2 transformations and can be seen in the movie Plan To Eradicate The Saiyans. He is Goku's son Gohan in his teenage years.

He is now a much more capable fighter thanks to his growth and training, but his calm demeanor and distaste for battle remains the same.

He has also grown mentally which gives him pause whenever called upon to unleash his latent powers.

Gohan still sees Piccolo as his master, and when Piccolo returned to earth and took up residence at Kami's palace' Gohan made it a point to visit him now and then.

By this age, Gohan is also receiving training from Goku, which means he's now mastered his father's Kamehameha, along with the Masenko he learnt from Piccolo.

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Gohan now dosen't worry about his dad much and is more determined to fight against the odds.

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